Social media marketing articles

1.  what social media marketing articles

The way we work day and night nowadays on Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube WhatsApp we call these channels social media if we transact our business through these channels. Or when we advertise, we call them social media marketing articles.

Social media marketing is nothing but a small and easy way by which we can do our business. The social media marketing we do nowadays has never been done before. Websites and channels and apps for social media marketing and today they are designed so that we can grow our business.

That too very quickly and in a good way we could show our customer by posting and advertising from our social media profile. product in an easy way too. can do sale
Today we have the opportunity to use it well for social media marketing

social media marketing articles
Social media marketing 😊✌

6 approaches to social media marketing articlesπŸ‘‡

social media marketing articles

Social media marketing 6 approaches this πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

1.branded channel

Branded channels means where you create a page for your business on social media and transact your business from there. Branded channels are very important. What are branded channels for Difficult business?

branded channels basically you have a platform from which you can create a page of your business on Facebook and Instagram and twiteer.

This is very important. Corporate Communication. If you are a company then you need to create a page because there are branded channels then you can run advertisement on Facebook or other social media channels? Branded channels are important because you will post regulary on your channel and your audience In our social media journey, people will join us
Join that he wants us to give him good content on Instagram and give him information by posting daliy on Facebook. Explain them in a good way by tweeting on Twitter. People could enjoy that content.

social media marketing articles
branded channel

2. Closed communites

Closed communities are basically a group that you create on social media for your business. Because the audience you like is the one who thinks like you, the one who benefits customers for your business, the one who thinks like you. Those who share their content with you can make transactions from now on.

Closed Communites are a group that makes your creature that makes your creature and your friends can be moved with you and even dividing them. They can be transported from them. This was closed communites in this

social media marketing articles
closed communites πŸ‘

3. Influencer outreach

Influencer outreach is a way where you don’t need to make any investment for your social media marketing! Where you don’t need to create branded channels. Where you don’t need to create closed communities

It is said that people trust people more than the brand where you opened a new restaurant and called your people and told them good things about your restaurant.

On social media, on the news paper, they do good things everywhere, write good things and tell good things to people. Write good things about your restaurant. Do good things that promote your restaurant and product’s and brand without investment we call it influencer outreach

social media marketing articles
influencer outreach

4. Co . Creation

Co. What is Creation when you have a popular brand
You have launched something but you do not have followers.
There is another brand on social media on the internet which is more popular than you for entertainment or people Follow them. If you follow them for information, then you have a lie up with them because they have a style. He has a style of talking and making videos.

If you place your product there in that style or your product in their style
If we talk about the product in their style in your product, then your product is registered in the minds of their followers. This was Co. Creation

social media marketing articles
co . Creation

5. Social sellings

Social sellings are the way you can polish your profile because
You can become a seller person on social media. And from your profile you talk to your customers one by one, teach them or you sell your product or fix a meeting with them? People here on Twitter Facebook Instagram Use. to find customers

To contact them, send them an e-mail to talk to them and tell them about your product. This was Social Sellingings

social media marketing articles
social sellings

6. social media marketing articles Customers service

If you go there and try to damage that brand, then immediately you have to respond to it and you have to solve your problem. If the experience is dirty, then of course they will talk to you and you have to stay there. And to solve their problem. His Joe the dirty experience of that experience must have come. To do good. This is customer service.

Customer service People use it to solve their customer’s problem as it is called. 60% customer use. Customer service Nowadays if we were not happy. O from service or product the problem is, first go and complain on social media, Because we think that if we go to social media and place a complaint, the reputation of that brand will be on hold

social media marketing articles
customers service


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