Social Media Influencer Types

Social media influencer types

1.What is a Micro Social Media Influencers India?

What is a micro influencer? A micro influencer means a samll influencer if you have it. 1 lakh 5 lakh 1. Crore followers, only then you can become an social media influencers india. This is wrong. Many people do not understand that if you also have 1000 or 5000 or 10000 or 100000 followers, then you can become an influencer. It is not that you need millions of followers to become social media influencer. Talk of Instagram as you think you want millions of followers on Instagram. Only then you can become a successful influencer on Instagram. Is not, Those who are micro influencer have 1 thousand 5 thousand followers. Like we believed that our 1k followers to 50k followers, then we can consider micro influencer. What is the essential work of micro influencer, Their personal bond is very strong. Personal Bond from whom their followers, because their followers are between 1k or 5k or 10k. There will be no problem like this. If someone interacts with him personally. You can influence it. You can talk with them. You can give them good information properly, All those followers who are micro influencers personally have a second bonda with their followers. That is why micro influencer is necessary, this is the way micro influencer works.

social media influencers india

2. Celebrity Influencer

Let’s take an example of what a celebrity influencer is.
Priyanka Chopra Priyanka Chopra’s fans
Following will be followers in any of their social media accounts. Millions of people will see his post or story and can influence his fans in a very short time.
From your insatgram or from other social media or accounts. And any of that. Can work in industries if they have to do branding. She can branding makeup products.
She can also branding fitness. She You can also branding a product relative to foods. In whatever industry she can branding, these are celebrity influencer.

social media influencers india

3. What are Blogger Influencer?

Blogger influencer is a slightly different influencer than celebrity influencer is different from micro influencer. Because whatever their they should have a establish blog. What is the meaning of establish blog? They should have some visitors. You see the micro influencer will have a little blog or the celebrity influencer will have a little blog. followers. Those who are influencers of special types are blogger influencers. There is no number here at thousand followers million followers or it doesn’t happen here that 10000 followers should 20000
There is no number here. Visitors can come here from thousand to million visitors daily, these are blogger influencer

social media influencers india

4. Social Media Influencer India

Social media influencer means that whose social media present is very strong so it comes under the category of social media influencer. See if there is a food page, then it has many Millions followers, it is a social media influencer. Because it is a food page, it will be liked by everyone becaIf we talk about foods a lot of people can be interested in foods. Understand that there is a celebrity, he can also keep interest. Any common man would be able to have interest in foods. They too will be fond of food. Good Foods and Good and Best Foodsuse it attracts all kinds of audience because it is a common page. Like I am also a blogger. I am also interested. Anyone can have interest in foods. There is no question that no one will like foods. Therefore they have million followers. on the social media platform
They have active audiences above social media accounts. These people also fall under the category of social media influencer and have a large audience. These people influence the audience branding a lot of products. This is social media influencer

social media influencers india


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