The buzz of the town originated from a YouTube channel ‘Slayy Point’, where creators Abhyudaya and Gautami posted a video on July 15 talking about the illogical comments made under various videos that haven’t any real meaning. during this video that goes by the title “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD),” they showed their audience a good range of bizarre comments left by YouTube users. This was when the netizens found a comment by user Binod Tharu, who just wrote his name ” within the comment section, nothing else. It quite naturally baffled the netizens and that they latched on thereto such a lot that a meme was born!WHY IS IT TRENDING?


Followed by the first video, the name sparked a meme fest on Twitter where people came up with their unique versions of ‘Binod memes’ that went viral at the very moment they were posted. However, the associations with the name didn’t end there. to each question and to each situation, the solution remained only one: Binod. additionally , from police forces to brand names like Tinder, Paytm, Swiggy, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Airtel joined the trend and stole the show online!


Why are memes trending?
The creators presented many funny situations when to every question asked, the answer was only one: . Soon, many Indian YouTubers noticed Binod being written everywhere their comments and it quickly became a trend on the platform. move August, this comment from their video has now caught the attention of the various desi meme-makers, such tons so as that hashtag Binod has become the very best trend on Twitter

Now, a bit like people thought everything is cake, desi people are thinking everything is Binod. inspect a number of the #Binod memes from Twitter trending and viral in India binod YouTube comment and viral all social media channels Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter and all


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